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I do not have a child yet. Can I still use Backer to save for a future baby and to collect gifts?

Yes, you absolutely can save for a future child!

When creating a Backer account, please check "I'm saving for a future child":


This will enable you to sign up for a 529 plan account with yourself listed as both the owner and the beneficiary. After your child is born, we can help you transition the account so that the beneficiary is your child. You'll need the child's name, social security number, and birthday.

You can use your "future baby" account to start saving and to start collecting gifts. You can even share your gifting page link with friends and family for your baby shower!

Once the baby is born, please let us know at and we'll help you transition the fund to the newborn. You can learn more about this process here: I was saving for a future baby and now the baby is here! What should I do next?


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