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How will fees affect my investment? If I give you $10,000 to invest, how much will go to fees?

If you give us $10,000 dollars to invest, we will invest the full $10,000 in a 529 plan for you. You will choose a monthly investment advisory to pay us for our services, with $1 per month as the minimum. You will be able to change your fee at any time. If you choose to pay the minimum $1 per month, that will cost you $12 per year. Because this is not an asset-based fee, your fee will not increase even if the value of your account goes up or you decide to invest more.

Our investment advisory fee is separate and apart from any distribution or transaction fees or expenses that you will be charged by the 529 plan or its affiliates. Information about these other fees and expenses is disclosed in the 529 plan disclosure documents, which are provided to you upon enrollment. We make sure to only recommend a 529 plan and associated portfolio with low fees because this will help you save more in the long term. Backer does not collect these fees and does not receive revenue from any 529 plan or its affiliates, nor from any funds that make up the 529 plan portfolios, nor from any fund manager.

For more details about pricing and fees, please see: How does Backer charge for its service? What fees will I pay?

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