I just gave a gift. What does the gift receipient see?


Congrats on sending a gift! You're now an important "backer" in the lucky child's life.

Once you send a gift, the gift recipient (typically the child's parent) will receive a notification of your gift and the amount. If you included a note, that will be provided to the gift recipient as well.

If the child already has a college fund set up, then the gift will be redeemed and transferred into the child's fund.

If the child does not already have a college fund set up, then the gift recipient will be given the opportunity to start a college fund for the child in order to redeem your gift, and you'll become the child's first "backer"!

The gift recipient will be able to track all of the child's backers and amounts given from each backer over time. When it's time to enroll in college, the child will know who to thank!

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