Can I sign up for a 529 plan through Backer?



If you'd like to set up a college fund, Backer can help you enroll in one of the country's best tax-free 529 college savings plans in under 5 minutes. Answer a few simple questions and we will help you choose the right college savings plan investment option. We only recommend a low-cost, highly-rated 529 plan and will help you choose a portfolio that automatically reduces risk as your child ages.

We remove the complexity and guesswork so you can focus on what matters: saving more for your child's education. Best of all, you can do it with our convenient college savings app!

If you already have a 529 account set up, you can link it to Backer and start taking advantage of our unique features and programs that are designed to help you save more. Please see this article for more information: Can I use Backer if I already have a 529 plan? Which 529 plans can be connected to Backer’s platform?

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