I was saving for a future baby and now the baby is here! What should I do next?


Congratulations on the newborn!

Please log into Backer and click "create a fund" to enter all the information for your new child, including the child's birthday. Once you've verified the fund for your new child, please email us at support@backer.com and our team will go about switching over your future baby fund to your newborn's fund.

It is important to take this step so that your investment recommendation is based on updated information, including your newborn's birthday. We base our portfolio selection recommendation on various factors, including the age of the beneficiary and your risk tolerance. We recommend an age-based portfolio that automatically adjusts based on the beneficiary's age to become less aggressive and less risky as the beneficiary reaches college enrollment age. In order for the age-based portfolio to work properly, you'll want it to reflect  your child's birthday so that it will adjust as your child grows older.

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