How can I cancel my Backer account?


If you’d like to discontinue using Backer, please email us at with 30 days advance notice.

If you stop using Backer's services, you will still retain your 529 plan account, but you will lose the ability to access and manage your 529 plan account through our platform. You will also lose access to your gifting page, and your contribution and gift history.

If you would like to transfer your 529 plan account to a different 529 plan and need assistance, please let us know. Note that if you already have a 529 plan account that is supported by Backer, you can link it to Backer to take advantage of our gifting features. If you already have a 529 plan account that is not currently supported by Backer, you can still set up another 529 plan account through Backer and use that account for collecting gifts. There are no limitations on having more than one 529 plan for a child. Learn more about which 529 plans are supported by Backer here: Which 529 plans are currently supported by Backer?

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