How can Backer help me save for college? What services do you provide?


Backer is the easiest way to save for college.

For detailed information on how Backer works, please check out our website:

Advice on 529 Plans

As an investment adviser focused on helping families save for college, Backer advises on investing in 529 plans, which are tax-advantaged investment vehicles designed to encourage saving for future education expenses. We only advise on certain 529 plans and on certain investment options in those plans.

Internet-Based Services

Backer is an internet-based adviser and our services are provided exclusively through our interactive website and mobile apps. Our focus is on encouraging you to start saving for college quickly and with the help of family and friends, rather than on chasing specific kinds of investment returns.

We can help you select a 529 plan and open an account for you in just a few minutes, all online through our website or mobile apps. We’ll also help you choose an age-based portfolio that automatically adjusts based on the beneficiary's age to become less aggressive and less risky as the beneficiary reaches college enrollment age. Through our platform, you'll be able to access account information, automate contributions, set up a gifting page to receive contributions, track your progress, and share goals. 

If you already have a 529 plan account that is compatible with our service, you can connect it to our platform. If your existing 529 plan account is not currently compatible with our service, please email so we can prioritize adding your plan. In the meantime, you can roll over your account or open another 529 plan account through us and use it to collect gifts. There are no limitations on having more than one 529 plan account.

You Decide

We do not exercise investment discretion for any clients. That means that you decide when and how to invest. Although our software-generated investment recommendation depends on information that you provide, our advice remains impersonal and does not purport to meet your overall objectives or needs.

Account Reviews

We review some or all accounts on a quarterly basis for manifest error, but we do not otherwise regularly monitor your account to evaluate your investment selection.

No Minimums

We do not require a minimum account size or investment amount to become a client.

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