Is Backer right for me? Given my financial situation, should I choose an investment advisory service like Backer?


Backer is the easiest way to save for college.

If you would like help saving for college, Backer may be right for you. For details on how Backer works, please check out our website:

About Backer

Backer is an investment adviser that focuses on helping American families save for college. Specifically, we provide advice on investing in a 529 college savings plan. 529 plans are tax-advantaged investment vehicles designed to encourage saving for future education costs. We recommend investing your college savings in a 529 plan because your investment will grow tax-free and can be withdrawn tax-free to pay for your child's future education costs. It's like a retirement account for college. Our focus is on encouraging you to start the process of investing in a 529 plan quickly, and helping you do so with the help of family and friends, rather than on chasing specific kinds of investment returns.

Learn more details about our services here: What investment services and advice does Backer provide?

About Investing

You should choose an investment advisory service only if you are ready to start investing. Investing involves risk, and any investments you make may lose value.

If you are the type of person who will read as much as possible about potential investments and ask questions about them, maybe you don't need investment advice. But if you’re busy with your job, your children, or other responsibilities – or feel you don’t know enough about investing on your own – then you may need some help. You can hire an investment adviser like us to help you.

Learn more details about why we recommend saving for college by investing in a 529 plan here: Why do you recommend saving with a 529 plan?

About Fees

In choosing an investment advisory service, you should consider the fees that the adviser charges. Most investment advisers charge you an asset-based advisory fee, where the more you invest, the more you pay. Backer does not charge an asset-based advisory fee, instead, it's just a monthly fee.

Learn more about our pricing here: How does Backer charge for its service?

About Minimums

We do not require a minimum account size or investment amount to become a client. 

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